How a Warranty Works

Ever wondered how a warranty works, how to claim if something unfortunate happens?

Here is a quick overview of the process and some important information.

Who carries the warranty?

The manufacturer of the product carries the warranty.

How long is the product warranty valid for?

The period that the warranty is valid for differs between manufacturers. Make sure you confirm the warranty period when purchasing a new bike.

What is covered under the warranty?

This also differs between manufacturers. In the case of a bicycle the warranty will only cover any defects due to manufacturing or design of the product. Unfortunately the warranty is NOT VALID in the event of product misuse or a crash or fall. If you’re spending quite a bit on your bike make sure you take all-risk insurance to cover you in the event of a fall or crash (Speak to your friendly insurance broker about this)

What is NOT covered under a warranty?

  1. Crash/accident or mishandling/misuse of a product.
  2. Self inflicted damage by means of tampering with the bicycle or parts thereon or parts of your specific product. i.e: Incorrect use of tools etc whilst trying to repair/adjust the product yourself, or by any persons not authorised to do so.

I'm selling my bike - does the warranty transfer?

No, unlike vehicles a bicycle warranty is only valid for the first owner of the bicycle.

How to claim?

The warranty process is quite simple:

  1. Bring the item to Hot Spot where we will inspect the item.
  2. If the inspection confirms a valid claim (no product misuse, crash or fall) Hot Spot will send the product to the relevant manufacturer. (Please be assured that we will expedite the process as much as possible – but in some instances we are in the hands of the manufacturer – we’ll keep you updated)
  3. The manufacturer will inform us if the warranty claim has been approved or not.
  4. As soon as the claim has been approved they will inform us of the replacement, exchange or refund – depending on the manufacturers standard warranty procedure.