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At its inception in 2009, Momsen Bikes set out to create a homegrown bike brand to be proud of locally and admired & sought-after internationally. We’ve achieved this…and then some.

Our bikes are developed in South Africa with the local terrain in mind. Our core R&D team is based here in SA, where we research, design, create and form our models. They are tested hard on local, varied terrain – on the same trails and mountains, beaches and forests that you ride. And in the most severe conditions. They are forged in our beautiful, untamed country making Momsen Bikes tougher than the rest. After defeating the demanding trails in our own country, no other landscape could ever be too tough.

And we’ve developed every bike bearing in mind our challenging landscape and how that impacts you. We know what it’s like to be you out there: hot, tired, in the middle-of-nowhere-bush with one last sip of hydration, so we designed a way to fit a 2nd water bottle cage into our VIPA full suspension front triangles. Our popular hardtail alloy 29ers feature an integrated top tube bag allowing you to carry your essential “on-bike” needs up top of your frame and within reach during riding. It is this unique understanding of the demands during a ride in the untamed South Africa that sets us apart and inspires confidence in all conditions on all different types of terrain.


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