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Kiddies Bikes

We Stock MuNA, Titan, Momsen, Rapid & Scott kids bikes


small bikes with big attitude

We feel very strongly that a kid’s first experience on two wheels should be both positive and fun. Our bikes are designed and developed with this in mind. Principles like quality and durability have not been overlooked and whichever model you are selecting in our range, you can be assured you are purchasing a quality bike. First impressions count! Starting with our 12” balance bikes, our bikes look like real bikes. We often hear “but it looks like a real bike? “, well, that’s because they are real bikes. They have real tyres with real tubes and even real handbrakes. These bikes are not toys and hence our tagline “Small Bikes with Big Attitude



Little bikes for big smiles! The Kids Range is every kid’s dream bicycle. With its fun rainbow-coloured design and sturdy kid-friendly frame, the Kids Range reliable and cool. Awesome brakes and enhanced balance will give you a taste of trail biking without sacrificing safety. It’s a tough bike that rides big and likes to go on adventures. Shiny or muddy, it’s always ready to ride. So that whenever you hear the school bell go, you can simply grab it and ride!
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SCOTT JUNIOR (JR) RANGE has just the bike for ever boy or girls choice.  From the Contessa Walker to the Voltage Walker, Contessa 16,20 & 24″ and the Scale JR range of 20″ & 24″ which includes the very unique NINO SCHURTER look alike paint job.


Why should Adults have all the fun? Our Juvenile series has been designed and developed to ensure that youngsters can also experience the sport of cycling. Aluminium, frames, high quality components and funky graphics.




We wrote the rules on this style of small frame with big wheels for kids. Our commitment to making great JUNIOR mountain bikes runs deep. We offer Junior Super Light (JSL) and Junior (Jr) ranges

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