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NEW Shimano XT M8100

2020 DEORE XT  M8100 IS HERE

DEORE XT M8100 SHIMANO DEORE XT is the original mountain bike groupset trusted by generations of mountain bikers around the world. Whatever the trail, whatever you ride, XT is your solution for mountain biking today. Reliable shifting. Superior braking. Intuitive maintenance. XT is the high performance workhorse you can count on.

Shimano DEORE XT M8100 delivers the technologies first introduced with XTR M9100, while enhancing the key features and reliability from previous generation SHIMANO DEORE XT. The examples of these refinements include:
· Refined SERVO-WAVE brake levers match up with next generation I-SPEC EV RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifters featuring INSTANT RELEASE, 2-WAY RELEASE, AND MULTI-RELEASE giving the rider more control and confidence.
· The CN-M8100 chain’s extended inner link plate is a key component of incredibly smooth HYPERGLIDE+ shifting and improved chain retention of Shimano’s DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGMENT (DCE+) single front chain rings.
· The new construction of the low-profile RD-M8100 SHADOW RD+ rear derailleur improves shift quality, range of adjustment and chain retention while allowing for a wide range of gearing options.

Delivering unparalleled drivetrain options for riders, DEORE XT offers a range of gearing choices including wide range and rhythm step cassettes with single and double front chainrings. Each setup delivers the best mountain bike shifting available in an incredibly robust and reliable package that allows riders to focus on the trail for years of worry-free riding.

HYPERGLIDE+ Technology
Inheriting revolutionary HYPERGLIDE+ technology first found on XTR M9100, the DEORE XT M8100 group uses completely redesigned chain plates and shift ramps which guide the chain both up and down the cassette providing faster, smoother shifting in both directions even under incredible pedaling power.

Adding to DEORE XT’s M8100 smooth drivetrain transmission, the new CN-M8100 HG chain features SHIMANO’s DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT (DCE+) technology. An extended inner link plate of the chain connects seamlessly with new chainring tooth shapes for better chain retention and smoother, quieter pedaling. The new design reduces natural vibrations normally caused by the inner and outer chain plates rolling onto the chainring while also providing stronger contact between the two components.

Drivetrain Components
M8100 HOLLOWTECH II crank construction offers a lighter and stiffer crank design with options for both front single and double chainrings in three Q-factor options, including a Super Boost option (172mm, 178mm, 181mm). Chainrings are easily exchanged with the new direct-mount system and the cranks can be swapped between single and double front chainring setups. All Shimano 12-speed direct mount chainrings are interchangeable. Additionally, Shimano refined chain line specifications for DEORE XT M8100 including a 55mm chain line, ensuring that the drivetrain is optimized for a greater variety of frame designs.

Enhancing ride performance and expanding gearing range, DEORE XT M8100 cassettes feature SHIMANO’s MICRO SPLINE freehub technology that works seamlessly, allowing the use of 10-tooth cogs. The new design with its smaller splines also allows for an aluminum freehub body construction that isn’t damaged or gouged out by the cogs during use.

The new cassettes employ SHIMANO’s Beam Spider construction for weight reduction and improved power transfer utilizing a strategic application of aluminum and steel for an optimal blend of weight savings, rigidity, and durability.

Employing SHIMANO’s legendary mountain bike braking technology, DEORE XT M8100 increases brake rigidity for greater bike control and optimizes braking performance for different riding styles. A common SERVO-WAVE brake lever is paired with either a 2 or 4-piston caliper to deliver the right amount of power for a variety of terrain and riding styles.

Based on the SHIMANO XTR M9100 brake lever design, the new DEORE XT BL-M8100 brake levers feature a more inboard clamp position that creates an extra point of contact between the bar and the lever. This added bracing drastically increases efficiency and control over the bike while offering quick brake engagement. The new design minimizes impact on cockpit real estate, creating space between the clamp and support point for mounting other handlebar accessories.



The XTR M9100

It’s lighter. It’s stiffer. It’s smoother. What else would you expect from next gen XTR? Optimal power transfer for maximum speed? Boost? Splined interface chainring? Don’t worry, you get it all!


It’s tight and precise. Designed to withstand full force pedalling on the roughest trails, while shifting gears as smooth as ever. Our best chain stability yet, though we do expect to drop some stokage on you from its performance.



Hyperglide+ is your new best friend! Fast shifting, power transfer and stability like you’ve never experienced. How do you make it it lighter, more durable and more rigid, lesson number one: use alloy, steel and titanium together. It’s quicker, smoother and you can continuously pedal while shifting under load!

Gearing options:  10-45T (12-speed rhythm step spec.), 10-51T (12-speed wide range spec.)  Hyperglide+:   30% quicker shifting  – Material:  Titanium, aluminium & steel

BEAM SPIDER construction:  Increased acceleration,  Compatibility:  1x or 2x chainring systems,  Weight:359 g (10–51T), 349 g (10–45T)



Let us say it again … Hyperglide+ IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND! Fast shifting, power transfer and stability like you’ve never experienced.
Hyperglide +
Designed for our 12-speed drive train.
Improved shifting performance
Comes with easy-to-use QUICK LINK (SM-CN910-12)
QUICK-LINK connecting & removing pliers (TL-CN10)
Weight: 242 g

Besides shifting gears, our Lever will shift your perception about performance as well. With 20% quicker lever access time and 35% less force needed we’ve build the fastest cockpit ever. It’s so rapid and effortless that the question might rise whom can handle it…?

2-WAY RELEASE for instant push/pull movements
20% quicker lever access time for rapid shifting
Easy to use
Lightweight, ergonomic, compact design
Weight: 74 g



Extreme stopping power right at your fingertips. 30% less time lag and 10% more braking power – figures that even a super hero would be proud of!

Designed for the toughest enduro trails out there!
Improved lever ergonomics
10% more braking power (versus M9020)
8% stiffer for better performance (vs M9020)
Weight: 385 g


Even under the most heated conditions, our ICE TECHNOLOGY FREEZA will keep things cool. Its stable, smooth, reliable and consistent braking performance lets you bomb down never-ending trails without a sweat. Promise.

Surface temp cooled by -20°C (versus RT99, 203 mm)
Sizes: 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm, 203 mm
Weight: 149 g (203 mm), 133 g (180 mm), 108 g (160 mm), 90 g (140 mm)


Listen, can you hear the sound of your hub ticking? Not when you’re on the new XTR. We made it nearly silent with our SCYLENCE technology so you can focus on what truly matters: shredding down trails.

O.L.D.: 142 mm & 148 mm
Quick engagement: 7.6° max
Spoke hole: 28H & 32H
Weight: 231 g


Don’t stop before the drop. Our lever lets you adjust your seat post from the grip position with minimal force while riding.

Compatible with common adjustable seat posts
7 mm cable stroke
With I-SPEC EV, lever can be installed in same position as shifter
Weight: 37 g


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